About Qvinci and our Award Winning Software

Qvinci Software was founded in June of 2007 as a data-visualization software company focused on providing best-of-class financial accounting and reporting tools for small and medium-size businesses. We have grown into a team of entrepreneurs, engineers, and business professionals all with the same goal: to provide the best product to small business owners in order to ensure their survival and improve their success.

Qvinci Software believes in small businesses and offers products to support them. Our custom consolidated QuickBooks reporting products are designed to enhance the decision-making skills of the owner, CEO, COO, manager, bookkeeper, and employee. Additionally, our financial accounting and reporting tools for CPAs and consultants offer a platform for greater collaboration between the pro-advisor and client.

Qvinci is our latest innovation. We have taken the best parts of Qvinci Desktop and moved them online. Qvinci is an advanced web application that aggregates QuickBooks company files and provides meaningful side by side and aggregate reporting for your businesses.

Our CEO, Charles Nagel, has functioned as COO and CEO of multiple operating companies, including successful turnarounds, with revenues in excess of $40,000,000. We know small and medium business paradigms.

Qvinci Software is committed to serving small businesses. Your success is at the heart of everything we do. Thank you for your business.

Qvinci is an Intuit QuickBooks Silver Developer
Qvinci is a Sleeter Awesome Add-On
International Franchise Association