Consolidated Franchisee Reporting with Qvinci

Intuit® Franchise Solution Program adopts Qvinci, a patent pending solution, that collects the data from thousands of QuickBooks files into a highly secure online reporting application. Read more about benefits or see a complete list of features.

Franchisors: Automate Franchisee Financial Reporting
Franchisees: Receive Instant Performance Snapshots
Franchisors and Franchisees: Compare performance and make better decisions at the unit, regional, and corporate levels.

Franchisor Benefits

  • Automate Franchisee Reporting More
  • Standardized Account Mapping More
  • Ranking
  • Vertical Analysis
  • Reporting via Web

Franchisee Benefits

  • Instant Financial Snapshots
  • Benchmarking
  • Consolidated Financial Reporting
  • Email Alerts
  • Vertical Analysis