Download the Sync Application

This page is provided for current users to download our sync application for Qvinci. Qvinci's sync application encripts and sends your financial transaction data securely to our servers. You must create an account in Qvinci before you are able to sync files .

Syncing QuickBooks® files

Users with Contributor Permissions that have been assigned by the Administrator are going to install the sync app on the computers/servers where the QuickBooks® application is running.

  • You must have QuickBooks® Admin permissions to link to the sync app
  • The desired QuickBooks® file to be linked must be opened in single user mode during the initial link and sync.
  • During background syncs or while syncing multiple files users must not login into QuickBooks® and QuickBooks® must remain closed.
  • A copy of the "Link and Sync Guide" should be sent to all contributors.

It is HIGHLY recommended that you familiarize yourself with the "Link and Sync Guide" prior to installing the sync app.

Download Sync Application

Need help downloading? See this.