Summary of Benefits

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The top 7 reasons our clients use Qvinci:

  1. Consolidated financial reporting for 2-2000 locations
  2. Visibility beyond revenue, for all locations, in an aggregated view
  3. Timely financial reports due to daily automated syncing
  4. Dynamic mapping to a Standardized Chart of Accounts (SCoA)
  5. Benchmarking, trending, and ranking analytics
  6. Aggregation and consolidation of multiple file types (QuickBooks, Xero, MYOB, Excel)
  7. Fraud and error detection

In addition, Qvinci offers an intuitive dashboard, email alerts, filtering by non-financial properties, multiple currency conversion, Excel exports, and file-level security.

Consolidated Financial Reporting

Qvinci will consolidate financial files for 2-2000 locations in seconds and provide the following reports:

  • P&L (Profit & Loss Statement)
  • Balance Sheet
  • Cash Flow Statement
  • Sales by Customer
  • Expense by Vendor
  • A/R and A/P Aging (Accounts Receivable / Accounts Payable)
Visibility Beyond Revenue

Consolidate financial reporting image
Qvinci generates a full P&L, allowing franchisors and other top-level management a more complete view of their organization’s financial health. We go beyond the POS (Point of Sale) system to include expenses and cash flows – information critical to the success of any enterprise.

Timely Financial Reports

With Qvinci’s “link & sync” technology, you will link each file once and forget about it. Daily automatic syncing takes place in the background either when the file is first opened each day or at 2:00 am, depending on the file type. Files can be instantly synced, at any time, from within the Qvinci application. Excel file syncing is an exception and does not happen automatically.  Excel templates must be uploaded manually.

Standardized Chart of Accounts (SCoA)

Qvinci has patent-pending account mapping technology that allows you to map account names in native files to a Standardized Chart of Accounts (ScoA). Individual locations can continue to use preferred naming conventions, while still enabling standardized reporting. Users can toggle between viewing reports with a SCoA or native account names.


Qvinci offers peer benchmarking as well as ranking reports. This feature allows individual locations to compare their income and expenses to like entities – even using non-financial filters such as region, staff size, or years in business. Franchisors and top-level management can use benchmarking analysis to identify best practices and help guide under-performing locations. Qvinci’s uses real data to benchmark against, providing better and more accurate insights than competitors using reported data and industry averages that may be outdated.

Multiple File Types

Qvinci is a powerful reporting solution for accountants & bookkeepers, franchisors, and other multi-site business owners because it can take in multiple mixed files types and provide aggregated and/or consolidated financial reports. Any business can implement Qvinci in a few hours because it does require each location to be using the same accounting software or a standard chart of accounts.

Fraud and Error Detection

For many of our clients, the first time they have ever seen all of their organization’s financials in one place is when they turn on Qvinci. The ability to see their finances in both aggregated and consolidated views, coupled with easy and intuitive navigation, has led to numerous insights and discoveries regarding accounting practices. With daily automated syncing and email alerts, potential issues are flagged early.