Qvinci takes data security very seriously and we have developed a set of practices and technologies to ensure your data is secure with us.

Server Security

Our infrastructure protects your data from electronic attacks. We use state of the art security practices. We purposely discuss these practices in generalities to obfuscate our exact techniques.

  • Encryption: 2048-bit RSA The communication between your computer and our server is very secure (in many cases more secure than banks).
  • Off Site Servers We host our service in the secure cloud.
  • Redundancy and Continuity Our servers have power and internet redundancy.

Physical Server Protection

Our web application and database servers are housed off site at an undisclosed internet data center.

  • Bunker-like Location Concrete filled, steel reinforced barriers surround exterior and foundation
  • CCTV surveillance Video surveillance on redundant digital recorders and video clips on every door opening.
  • Biometric Control System The location is secured with 2 form identification, Man traps at all exterior doors, barbed wire fence, external cameras
  • Fire Prevention 4 Phase fire prevention and suppression systems
  • Backup Generators 3 Backup generators ensure the facility is prepared.


At Qvinci we take a disciplined approach to data security. You have entrusted us with your financial information. We take this very seriously. We have established personnel policies about who and how your data is managed. Qvinci has developed practices for data protection risk.

  • Select Employees Only certain employees with clearance have access to the database. Employee access is logged and passwords are complex. We also limit customer data to a select few employees who provide customer service and troubleshooting on your behalf.
  • We Do Not Sync Personal Information, Social Security, Bank Account Numbers, Credit Cards Numbers, etc
  • Audits Audits are performed and reviewed by management.
  • Customer Data Financial Information is only accessible after you have granted access via support incident and only by personnel involved in providing support solution.