Our company has grown so much in recent years that we really needed a one-stop-shop reporting tool that made cross-company reporting available on-the-fly, while combining ease of use; I believe we have found more than this in Qvinci. Not to mention, the support staff has been very helpful concerning any questions that arise. All of our operations staff have been very impressed with the reliable tool we have found in Qvinci for across the board trending on Balance Sheet, P&L, and Cash Flow comparisons and tracking. This functionality has encouraged improved communication and success within our franchise system.

Bookkeeping Express has chosen Qvinci to provide its clients with up to date financial reports via the Internet. Qvinci is easy to use, cost effective, and deploys quickly. Our clients simply click into the Qvinci reporting portal to view reports and dashboards on 1 or a 1000 locations. Qvinci solves the problem of collecting, reporting and benchmarking financial data.
– Brent Early, SVP at BookKeeping Express

Qvinci was selected because of its speed and functionality. (Qvinci) not only enables corporate staff to see how our franchisees are performing, but also enables our franchisees to benchmark against the best franchisees in the system.

– Gerry Thomas CFO of Anytime Fitness

We chose Qvinci to give us more time analyzing financial statements, instead of collecting them. We also save a lot of time with the automatic mapping to our Standard Chart of Accounts. We can provide immediate feedback based on the numbers we see, vs. data that is weeks or even months old. Thank you!

We moved to Qvinci so we could pull data from QuickBooks files and quickly produce a broad range of comprehensive reports.

Crunchy Logistics decided to use Qvinci to consolidate multiple QuickBooks files in an efficient manner. Qvinci has allowed us to reduce time in consolidating subsidiaries books and gives Crunchy Logistics an overall view of how the company is doing. Qvinci simply is a great tool for reducing the time spend consolidating multiple QuickBooks files and making these files viewable in powerful financial reports anywhere.