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Moving From Trusted Accountant to Trusted Strategic Advisor

Tuesdays at 1:30pm Central


Hosted by Qvinci’s VP of Strategic Accounts Shawn Brown, CPA, this webinar offers insights into how accounting firms use technology to:

  • Empower staff to be viewed as value-added consultants
  • Increase billing realization
  • Enhance staff utilization
  • Automate client reporting and data consolidation

During the webinar, Shawn will also discuss how today’s firms provide clients with the improved visibility, business intelligence and actionable data they demand.

If your firm’s objective is to be seen by clients as a value-added service provider, you don’t want to miss this discussion.

Runtime is approximately 30-45 minutes including Q&A.

How to Cost-Effectively Implement Tools and Best Practices That Increase Profits

Thursdays at 1:30pm Central


Attend this best practice webinar to learn how franchises and multi-unit organizations of all sizes use technology to drive system-wide improvements and increase profits.

During the webinar, Senior Solution Consultant Adam Acosta will discuss how multi-location organizations are:

  • Utilizing business intelligence to improve operational efficiencies
  • Gathering critical insights into the financial health of their business units or locations
  • Automating financial reporting and data consolidation

Join us to see how Qvinci’s proven, cost-effective solution can provide you with the optics and financial insights needed to ensure full royalty realization and effectively support the needs of your field business units.

The webinar will take approximately 30-45 minutes including Q&A.