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Diocese of Syracuse

Catholic Diocese Hits Financial Reporting “Bullseye” With Qvinci


# of Locations:
200+ (parishes, schools, hospitals, etc.)

Geographical Area:
Head Office in Syracuse, NY with locations throughout Central New York State

Started Using Qvinci:

“We can now do in weeks what used to take months. If you add up all that time saved across all the locations, that’s a significant impact.”

Kory Hopkins – IT Director, Diocese of Syracuse

The Roman Catholic Diocese of Syracuse – a large multi-unit organization with over 3,000 employees and more than 200 facilities including parishes, schools, missions and hospitals – dramatically improved their financial operations and reporting by implementing Qvinci.

Historically, the task of pulling together the diocese’s annual financial reporting was arduous and prone to human error. Each reporting location had to collect and manually input all their data into a standardized form that was then submitted to the Finance Operations office for manual consolidation and reporting. It was a process that took months to complete.

To solve his organization’s financial consolidation and reporting challenges, IT Director Kory Hopkins implemented Qvinci. The impact was immediate.

“It’s faster, more accurate and we’re a lot closer to hitting the bullseye with our financial reporting than we ever were before we started using Qvinci,” Hopkins said.

Today, 167 locations across the diocese have implemented Qvinci and the duration of the annual financial reporting season has been drastically reduced as a result.

“We can now do in weeks what used to take us months. If you add up all that time saved across all locations, that’s a significant impact,” Hopkins said.

“Plus, the quality of the financial data generated by Qvinci is a huge improvement over our old system. We’re able to drill down to specific line items and see where locations can improve their operations from a financial standpoint,” he added.

“Previously, we were happy just to get the annual report out. Now, we have the data we need to be better business advisors and help everyone in the diocese manage their finances timely and more efficiently.”

As an ancillary benefit, Hopkins described Qvinci as a great product from an IT perspective.

“I get the best feedback an IT department can hope for … nothing. I rarely ever get called to say there is an issue with Qvinci. It just works,” he said. “It makes everybody’s life easier and it works. You can’t ask for a much better endorsement than that.”

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