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‘What if’ Qvinci Outdid Their Own Modeling Tool… ‘They Did’!

“Each time Charles Nagel and his team at Qvinci announce a release or introduce a new major feature I ask myself, “how can they keep outdoing themselves?” But when I attend either one of their early briefings or first webinars I am astounded by the fact that they always manage to do so.”

William Murphy, Senior Editor, Insightful Accountant

[Originally Published in Insightful Accountant, July 30, 2020 – By William Murphy]

It was only a few months back that they introduced their ‘What If’ predictive Business Intelligence Tool that allowed users to create a virtually unlimited number of ‘what if’ scenarios and forecasts to show the ongoing impact of financial changes upon their business income, expenses and case positions over time. That tool also allowed users to manipulate those financials so that the could immediately see the impact of even minute changes and then make financial decisions based upon the results. This kind of ‘predictive financial modeling’ is very rare in financial reporting software, and certainly is very limited in capabilities except in the most expensive of artificial intelligence software not available to most small businesses making use of accounting products like QuickBooks or Xero.

But the folks at Qvinci weren’t satisfied with having just created a ‘what if’ tool, they decided it had to be better than it already was. That’s why they have just released the 2nd Generation of their Business Intelligence and Predictive Analysis tool. This 2nd Generation tool provides even greater customization in reporting options including a truly customizable reporting range, a reference period that can be set as a single month, a range average, or a seasonal period, and also be configured with a fully customizable first ‘What if’ month and beginning reference month. They are also including a 12-month ‘What if’ Actual presentation with integrated charts and graphs to make the modeling more easily understood when coupled with any number of other template options that Qvinci offers.

For example you might be wanting to see your data presented in a ‘reporting month vs prior month vs same month prior year’ basis, or perhaps you want to see the last 3 months vs prior 3 months vs the same 3 months from the prior year. On the other hand if your a ‘fiscal year’ oriented person then you may want to see ‘reporting fiscal year-to-date vs last fiscal year-to-date vs last fiscal year.’  Just some of the reporting template options that Qvinci provides to their customers.

In other words, they have ‘outdone themselves’. They have made a great product even better just as they have continued to do over the lifetime of the Qvinci product. If you have been looking for financial modeling software that really does ‘financial modeling’, as well as financial reporting (like none other), or you are wanting to see the newest innovations that Qvinci has to offer, simply to be amazed, then you can sign-up for one of their free webinars.

If you are one of those people who just doesn’t like webinars, but would prefer a one-on-one demonstration, then you can schedule that at this Qvinci website. Either way, I think you will find that a session to learn more about this reporting and forecasting option will be worth your time.

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