Insightful Accountant: What’s Behind Qvinci V2? 2019-11-01T17:38:45+00:00

Insightful Accountant: What’s Behind Qvinci V2?

“When I look at the many articles I have written about Qvinci I have used a lot of baseball terms to describe my pleasure with their products, things like ‘hit a home run’ or ‘hit another one out of the ballpark’. I recall a baseball-themed movie with the promo, “If you build it, they will come…” , well I find myself believing “If Qvinci builds it…we will want it”

William Murphy, Senior Editor, Insightful Accountant

[Originally Published in Insightful Accountant, October 25, 2019 – By William Murphy]

So why does a highly successful product like Qvinci, which I myself once described as “having hit a home run out of the ball park…”, when it comes to insightful reporting and financial analysis, decide to redesign themselves? And not just in terms of a refreshed look, but a newly engineered interface that gives users the look and feel of Microsoft Excel even though it is pure Qvinci. Can you answer me that?

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This past August 15th, Qvinci released their ‘V2’ (version 2) product which provides users with this new Excel-like interface packed full of features and capabilities. I wrote a short article about the debut of V2 based upon some preliminary information and a briefing I was given a few days before the Qvinci team started offering webinars on the new release. But I also found myself asking questions about “why would they make such a drastic change in a reporting tool that ‘was like nothing you had ever seen before’ (to use my own words when describing enhancements they had made in version 1 over the last couple of years)?”

A short time later I contacted Brad Adams, the CEO of Qvinci and requested a phone-conference with he and Charles Nagel, Qvinci’s Founder and CIO, so we could discuss the ‘rationale’ for the big changes behind Version 2. I also wanted to dive deeper into what makes the new interface ‘so Excel’ when it didn’t appear to actually be ‘Excel’. Of course I wasn’t really certain that either Brad or Charles would ‘share too much’ because you know major corporations do like to ‘keep their corporate and trade secrets’ but I thought I might be able to coax a few tidbits out of them.

In reality I was overwhelmed by the extent to which Charles and Brad not only welcomed my inquiries but responded to my inquisition. This feature is a summary of some of the information they provided along with my own commentary regarding the product as it was presented alongside our discussions.


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