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Consulting Firm Expands Thanks to Qvinci


Geographical Area:
Headquartered in St. Louis with clients in 29 states

Awards / Recognition:
Best New Business of Maryland Heights, MO 2015

“Thanks to Qvinci, we are expanding the multi-location and franchise consulting side of the business. It’s a very powerful tool.”
Bob Volpe - Chief Operating Officer, Volpe Consulting and Accounting Services

Why did you decide to partner with Qvinci?

Qvinci solves one of the biggest challenges facing accountants and business consultants today – how to meet the needs of increasingly sophisticated clients who desire actionable financial insights. We have several new clients who left their old accountants simply because they weren’t keeping up with technology.

Qvinci’s enhanced analytics helped us land those clients and offer them services they weren’t getting before. As a consultant, I love Qvinci for the analysis. Our accounting team loves it for the automated reporting and data consolidation. Our clients love it for the added services and the secure online access to their data.

Where has Qvinci had the most impact?

Qvinci has had the most impact on the consulting side of our firm. Previously, we relied on purchasing benchmarking reports from a variety of industry sources but they can cost as much as $1,700 for a single report. Not every client wants to spend that kind of money especially when the reports are not always 100 percent correct. By comparison, Qvinci is cost-effective and saves an enormous amount of time. And, its peer benchmarking capability produces more relevant results which adds accuracy to the modeling I do.

How is Qvinci helping your business?

Thanks to Qvinci, we are expanding the multi-location and franchise consulting side of the business. It’s a very powerful tool because it helps clients with the speed and accuracy of their reporting while providing them better analysis and business intelligence. Coincidentally, I first learned about Qvinci from a franchise client who was having problems with attrition within his system and was having difficulty pinpointing the cause. It was fortunate they had Qvinci because it was much easier and systematic for me to find the problem, develop a solution to help them reduce their attrition rate and begin to reverse that trend.

How many of your clients are using Qvinci?

Right now, the majority of our clients on Qvinci and I expect that to grow as we continue to add franchise and multi-location clients. That said, we’ve seen marked improvements in our clients’ operations.

On a scale of 1-10, how valuable is Qvinci to your firm?

…there’s no question it’s a 10. As a best practice, I urge my clients to engage a professional bookkeeping or accounting firm to clean up their data before they start syncing. It’s well worth the effort as the results they get are phenomenal. Personally – as an analysis “geek” – Qvinci is invaluable because it helps me to turn opinion into fact in the clients’ eyes. My recommendations are given more deference when a client can see the projected outcomes reflected in the performance of his or her peers.

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