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Getting started with Qvinci is quick and easy. Smaller entities are able to complete the onboarding process in a matter of minutes while larger organizations can be up and running in a couple of hours. In many cases, clients onboard themselves with minimal help from Qvinci’s support team.


Qvinci’s reporting platform is designed for easy adoption. Clients choosing to self-onboard will find all the guidance they need in our comprehensive Knowledge Base which includes a series of How To videos or by visiting How Qvinci Works. It takes two to five minutes to link and sync each file including the time to download the Sync App when necessary. The setup entails:

  • Creating a Qvinci Account
  • Setting up one or more Companies inside the Account
  • Defining Locations for each Company
  • Linking and syncing files to Locations
  • Defining a Standard Chart of Accounts for each Company where files are consolidated
  • Defining non-financial filters to create reporting groups

Onboarding Services

Qvinci offers onboarding services where we do everything for you. You complete a template with your organization’s information and we do the rest. We are often able to complete the process in just a few hours. Qvinci onboarding is required for all first-time customers with 50 or more files. To get a quote, complete the form to the right or email us and someone will be in touch.

Phased Onboarding

Qvinci offers phased onboarding for organizations who need to implement over time. While we are able to bring most clients online in less than 48 hours, we realize that there are situations where it makes sense to adopt in phases. Gradual adoption may be useful for companies with some or all of the following characteristics:

  • More than 100 locations
  • Multiple (or unknown) accounting file types
  • Decentralized control
  • A historical lack of visibility into individual locations’ finances

Support Information

For more information, Qvinci support is available via chat, email or by calling (512) 637-7337. Support is free and available to answer your questions 7:30am–6pm CST Monday to Friday.

Multiple File Types? No Problem.

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