AUSTIN, TX – October 23, 2020 Qvinci® Software – has released The KPI Scorecard, the latest in the long line of advanced business intelligence, predictive analytics and forecast modeling tools developed by Qvinci, with game-changing capabilities that empowers accountants, franchisors, dioceses, non-profits and SMBs to create:

  • Custom KPIs based on their own ecosystem metrics
  • Consolidated KPIs across a plurality franchises, dioceses, non-profits or single SMBs
  • Compare KPIs to peers of “like-users”
  • Trended comparisons of KPIs year-over-year
  • Conditional formatting indicating movement or trends
  • Comparisons to the “ideal” range of values set by the manager or user
  • Custom accounts based on your ecosystem’s metrics

The KPI Scorecard

Reserve Your Seat at the Webinar and Receive a
Working Example of the New KPI Scorecard (Space is Limited)

When an accountant, manager or business advisor can show a client or business unit “what to do” that is easily understood, implemented and tracked — that is truly transformative. Some additional functionality of the KPI Scorecard provides graphical analysis of:

  • Total Income and Net Income Year Over Year by Month
  • Running Cash Balance Analysis Year Over Year by Month
  • Top 10 Expenses as a Percent of Income
  • AR and AP Analysis with Variance

The possibilities and opportunities are endless with Qvinci’s new KPI Scorecard!

Accountants: Imagine the consulting and advisory opportunities if you could walk your clients through the KPI Scorecard and consult with them regularly on what to do to stay profitable or avoid disaster! Learn how to take the KPI Scorecard to market and drive advisory services to your firm, attract new clients and grow your client base.

Franchises: Imagine the collaborative relationship fostered if you could sit down with each one of your franchisees and review the KPI Scorecard on a single or consolidated basis with regularly scheduled progress checks to grade performance and forecast the future. Learn how to deploy this tool across all your franchisees from one to thousands.

Dioceses, Non-profits and Other Multi-Units: Imagine in addition to the above, the benefit of consistently knowing your customized KPIs on a rolling basis. Learn how to have complete visibility into the financial health and progress of each one of your dioceses, parishes, schools, churches, or other entities.

Reserve Your Seat at the Webinar and Receive a
Working Example of the New KPI Scorecard (Space is Limited)

Like all Qvinci solutions, the KPI Scorecard auto-updates, auto-blends, auto-styles and auto-packages virtually instantaneously. You’ll get answers like customizable KPIs, Cash position, P&L performance, Expense analysis, AR/AP analysis and many others with the click of a mouse!

No Accounting Software Migration Needed! Do not listen to the Oracle NetSuite, Sage Intacct or Microsoft noise! There is no need to change accounting systems. No need to migrate any data. No need to struggle with painful learning curves. Just add Qvinci to QuickBooks! It’s that simple.

According to Qvinci’s Founder and CIO Charles Nagel, who invented and designed the KPI Scorecard, “whether you are a franchise, accountant, small business or non-profit defining a likely reality going forward is paramount, especially today. The KPI Scorecard provides the flexibility to not only define the most important metrics to monitor, but also measure the results compared to peers to ensure success.”

According to Qvinci’s CEO Brad Adams, “the new KPI Scorecard is just the latest example of the business intelligence, predictive analytics and forecast modeling tools Qvinci is delivering to its customers. Evaluating the present and forecasting the future cannot be more relevant than right now.”

NEW PRODUCT INTRODUCTION! To introduce this new technology, Qvinci will host a Live Webinar on Wednesday October 28th @ 12:00pm CT with its storied inventor, serial entrepreneur and renowned turnaround expert Charles Nagel, Founder and CIO of Qvinci. Email invitations will be sent out soon, but you can register early with the links below.

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