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A powerful reporting add-on tool that connects to your accounting software, Qvinci is the perfect intelligence tool for any business that relies on financial reporting from multiple sources.

Whether you’re an accountant with a hundred clients or a franchise with a thousand units, Qvinci’s automated reporting capabilities will save you time and money, reduce risk and improve operational efficiencies. With daily syncs, unlimited free users and business intelligence capabilities like benchmarking and custom reporting, Qvinci improves company-wide communication and keeps everyone up-to-date 24/7.

Qvinci’s industry-leading capabilities have been designed to provide users with an ERP-like level of functionality that is affordable and easy to use. Our patented and powerful solutions automate the Gathering, Mapping, Reporting, Viewing and Monitoring of the financial data that matters to your firm or business.


Connects with Multiple Accounting Software

Qvinci integrates with QuickBooks Online and Desktop (including hosted versions), Xero, MYOB and Excel.

Automated Data Syncing

QuickBooks Online and Xero sync every day at 2:00am Central. QuickBooks Desktop and other files using the Qvinci Sync App sync the first time a file is opened each day. Files can be manually synced at any time. Excel files sync manually.

Sync by Class, File or Location

Allows QuickBooks users to pull class, file or location-specific data for reports.


Standard Chart of Accounts

Our patented technology dynamically maps dissimilar account names into a customizable Standard Chart of Accounts. Everyone in your ecosystem can continue to use their preferred or native account names e.g. Rent vs. Lease. Reports can be viewed with native or standard account names.


Custom Reporting

Build KPIs and customized reports based on P&L, Balance Sheet or Cash Flow data synced from multiple files.


Houses custom reports for future access.


Combine multiple reports and documents into a single PDF deliverable.

Templating, Styling and Sharing

Build custom reports and save as templates that can be used universally across clients, locations and entities. Once templates have been created, apply custom styling and share, if desired.

Export to PDF and Excel

Export reports to a PDF document or Excel spreadsheet and present reports in an easy-to-read format. Add custom headers and footers such as legal disclaimers and other important static information.

Trial Balance

Automatically sync Trial Balance for tax preparation purposes.

Pro Forma

Create best practice forecasts by comparing one entity’s or location’s performance against the best practices of the top performers in your ecosystem.

Standard Reports

Standard reports include: P&L, Balance Sheet, Statement of Cash Flows, Sales by Customer, AP/AR Aging, Expense by Vendor.

Budget vs. Actual

Fully automated feature that allows users to produce customizable BVA reports that include budget data from an unlimited number of QuickBooks files.

Peer Benchmarking

Benchmark any entity or location against the Top 10 percent, the Top 20 percent and the average performers in your ecosystem.

Balance Sheet Disable

Allows administrators to hide the Balance Sheet from all users. This provides contributors with an added level of privacy for items such as bank account balance.


Rank any entity or location across seven line items: Total Income, Gross Profit, Total Expense, Net Income, Gross Margin, Expense Margin and Net Income Margin.

Vertical Analysis

For many reports, you can toggle on Vertical Analysis and display the relative percentages next to the actual number.

Side-by-Side Viewing

See side-by-side reports for entities or locations in your ecosystem.

Reporting Periods

Qvinci syncs up to 36 months of data (i.e. two years plus YTD for the current year). Select standard or customized reporting periods within this timeframe.


Secure Viewing

Grant access on an entity-by-entity or group-by-group basis to ensure contributors can only view their own data and managers have the information they need be successful.

Unlimited Users

Administrators can grant access to an unlimited number of users and set permission levels. For QuickBooks Desktop users, this feature can reduce or eliminate the need to email reports.



Provides a landscape view of all clients, companies, entities or locations in your ecosystem. Improves collaboration with other management level employees.


Select from a menu of widgets to see what’s important to you. Options include: P&L, Financial Summary and AR/AP Aging.

File Verification

A set of seven tests run automatically every day to help users identify basic accounting errors and discrepancies. The tests will pinpoint the month and the account where errors occurred.

Daily and Weekly Financial Snapshot Emails

Financial snapshot emails include: Income, Net Income, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable and Cash (bank balance). You can set how often you receive these emails.

My Files View

Monitor the status of all the files you have connected to Qvinci.


Alerts are email snapshots that show a user their financial status as well as targets and thresholds. This allows users to stay on top of key financial metrics.