Season’s Greetings from Qvinci

On behalf of Qvinci’s leadership team, best wishes for the Holiday Season and for the year ahead.

We are profoundly thankful to our valued customers, partners, employees and shareholders who have supported Qvinci to further strengthen its position as the industry leader in cloud-based, automated consolidation, advanced financial reporting, business intelligence and workflow technologies.

2018 Highlights

Qvinci added OVER 6,000 SYNCING BUSINESS UNITS IN 2018! We expect to outpace this number significantly in 2019!

Qvinci released game-changing capabilities allowing customers to:

  • Provide decision-makers with actionable business intelligence (KPIs, benchmarking, comparative analysis, etc.), easily digestible by SMBs—proven to create advisory opportunities.
  • Blend data from multiple types (P&L, BS, CF) and other data sources (Excel®) in one customizable templated package.
  • More easily style, edit, package and template sophisticated user-defined financials and custom reporting packages. Gone are the days of generic one-size-fits-all reporting, KPIs and business intelligence.
  • Immediately access QuickBooks® files (QuickBooks® Online and QuickBooks® Desktop) via a single login, providing instant GL access, drill down to the GL from reports and JE management capabilities—further reducing the wasted (non-billable) time to retrieve data and report against it.

And significantly, Qvinci was awarded multiple additional U.S. and International patents, recognizing and enhancing the value offered to customers world-wide. The technology behind Qvinci’s data consolidation and financial reporting platform was originally described in U.S. Patent No. 9,020,946  and U.S. Patent No. 9,483,799. The “Normalizer” patent can be found in U.S. Patent No. 9,858,624Standard Patent No. 2011353001 was next issued by the Australian Patent Office covering key components of the Qvinci solutions. Mexico followed by granting patents MX/a/2013/005359 and MX/a/2013/011581. Canada thereafter followed with Canadian Patent No. 2821002 and Canadian Patent No. 2829665.

2019 Sneak Preview – Q1

Product development never stops at Qvinci! We remain an innovative leader by continually incorporating our customers’ evolving reporting and workflow needs into the Qvinci solution. Below are two sample snapshots of the SOON TO BE RELEASED enhancements that will allow to you to build, template and customize sophisticated user-defined charts and graphs with your own data set. This will not be the one-size fits all, canned solutions of the competition. This will be a fully customizable and interactive chart and graphs builder not available outside Qvinci!

We wish everyone a prosperous 2019 and look forward to continuing our partnership in the New Year. Please reach out anytime and as always, thank you for your business.

Qvinci Leadership Team

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Executive Vice President

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Founder, CIO

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