User Feedback Leads Qvinci to Innovation

At Qvinci, when our users speak, we listen. Just one example of this is the recent changes we made to the Library filters. After receiving numerous request for the filters to “remember” your settings when you go back and forth between the libraries and the editors, we created a way to make it so your last filters will automatically be there when you re-open a library.

For example, let’s say you’re working on a Balance Sheet report and want to filter your Report Library to only show the appropriate reports. Selecting the Balance Sheet filter will screen the list to show only those reports (Fig. 1):

When you return to the Report Library page, any filter and sort options that you had previously set up will still be there. This is indicated by the light green icons on the column headings. To clear your filter, click the light green icon on the column heading and select clear. Or, you can logout and login again to reset and clear all filters (Fig. 2 & 3):

Another useful change to the Libraries is the new group by column feature. Simply drag one or more of the filterable column headings into the area labeled Drag a column header and drop it here to group by that column and the Library will group itself by that column (Fig. 4 & 5):

Staying with the you-asked-for-it-you-got-it theme for a moment … another useful new user-driven feature is the ability to save Previews into report snapshots. Quick Tip: Using Save As from the Preview is preferred over using Refresh from the Report Editor because you are not overwriting any account or report macros with a snapshot of accounts or of reporting data (Fig. 6):