Welcome to the Qvinci Gallery

For the past several months, we have been working to enhance our reporting suite with the addition of JumpStart templates. Now, I’m excited to share some information about an eagerly anticipated feature we have just released – the Qvinci Gallery.

Not only does the Qvinci Gallery provide users with enhanced reporting templates, it also reduces the amount of time a user needs to spend on customizing those templates from the get-go.

The Qvinci Gallery provides the Qvinci administrator with an additional tab in their Report Library. By clicking on the tab, admins will gain instant access to all the latest and greatest templates that have been loaded into the solution. Already, you’ll find styled offerings for Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow templates. And, the selection will only keep growing.

The beauty behind the Qvinci Gallery is that admins may save these templates as their own, and then apply further customizations before sharing with other users in their organization.

Let’s say, for example, you find a template that fits your need style-wise but a date rate needs to be changed. You now have the ability to quickly and easily edit the date range without having to build a template from scratch. This represents a significant time saving.

Some Qvinci Gallery examples are:

  • Balance Sheet – This Year to Last Month
  • Balance Sheet – As of Last Month
  • Balance Sheet – Month Comparisons (multiple versions)
  • Cash Flow – This Year to Last Month
  • Cash flow – Last Month and Year to Last Month
  • P&L – Last Three Months and YTD Comparisons
  • P&L – By Entity or Consolidated
  • P&L – Month Comparisons (multiple versions)
  • P&L – Year Comparisons (multiple versions)
  • P&L – Month and Year Comparisons

Administrators can reach the Qvinci Gallery by visiting Library > Report Library. The gallery will be listed as a new tab in the Report Library. I strongly recommend spending a few minutes when you have time looking at the current templates to see how much time they could save you over your current versions.

Remember to keep an eye on this feature from time to time as we will be adding new offerings periodically in the future.

In closing, I’d like to give a big shout out to our awesome Development Team. It is these creative ladies and gents who make all these big ideas a reality. And let’s not forget that many of these ideas come from our users in the first place. Kudos and thanks for all that you do!

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